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Terms of Services

By using Old Town Photo's services you agree to these terms of services.

  • Privacy Policy .

    Any personal or contact information submitted to Old Town Photo will be used for routine contacts, and will not be released to third parties for commercial or advertising use. Old Town Photo may monitor visitors traffic within its website, and use such data for website traffic analysis.

  • Definitions Herein .

    "OTP" : Old Town Photo or its employees;

    "Client" : Any personal or organizational entity requesting a service to be provided by OTP;

    "Originals" : Any digital, or physical material that client provides to OTP as a basis for restoration, improvement, or enhancement. Such material may be photographic, image, document, or their enclosure such as frame.

    "Work Product" : Any item in physical or in digital format that OTP creates or modifies whatsoever, including but not limited to, any material OTP undertakes in a project, including prints on any substrate.

  • Scope & Payments .

    OTP makes every effort in good faith to provide honest advise to Clients on possible options to improve, enhance, and restore items. Every Work Product is unique and its improved condition is comparable solely to its own Original. OTP is not responsible for suitability or usability of the Work Product whatsoever.

    The total payment is due no later than the completion of the Work Product or upon picking up the Originals, whichever occurs first. In the event Client decides to interrupt the project, Client is responsible to make payment for the portion of the work already performed. If interruption order is placed at the end of project completion, Client is responsible to make full payment for the Work Product.

    While original items provided by Clients are property of Clients, OTP may retain such material until Client completes his/her payment obligation towards OTP for the Work Product. If Client fails to compensate OTP for any amount due, or Client ignores OTP's request for making due payment, OTP at its own discretion may consider Originals as an evidentiary element in a dispute. If an account is placed for collection, Client is responsible for all legal fees incurred to OTP related to such collection including, but not limited to, the attorney's fees. Furthermore, a $35 charge applies to each returned check.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee Policy .
  • Upon completion of a project, Client will have the opportunity to view the Work Product at the physical location of OTP. If Client is not satisfied with the Work Product, OTP at its sole discretion may offer either to perform further work on the project, or decide to halt performing further work on the project. In such event no Work Product will be provided to Client (neither physical, nor digital format) and no payment is expected from Client.

    In the event OTP sends a work product to Client electronically or via a shipping method by Clients request, Client waives his/her option to reject the Work Product, the total payment amount becomes due and payment exemption of the Satisfaction Guarantee Policy is voided.

  • Copyright & Permissions .
  • Client is responsible to ensure that the restoration project does not violate copyright law. By allowing OTP to perform digital restoration work client confirms consent of the creator of the image in performing restoration work.

    If Work Product is a created by OTP in its entirety, the Work Product remains an intellectual property of OTP. If Work Product is result of restoration or enhancement on an already created work by others, OTP retains every right at its sole discretion to retain a copy of such Work Product in the event a dispute on quality or validity of such Work Product arises. Unless otherwise agreed with Client, OTP has every right to display the Work Product as a sample of work.

  • Storage Fee .

    At or after payment for Work Product has been made by Client, Client must pick up Originals from the physical location of OTP at project completion by arranging a pickup time. Our space is limited for proper storage of Originals.  Therefore, storage fee may be added for items not picked up within 7 days after the project completion date.  If client does not pick up the Originals after 10 days of the Completion Date, or fails to communicate arranging a pickup appointment, OTP at its own discretion may decide to charge client for daily storage fee per each item. In the event Originals are not picked up by Client after 30 days of project completion date, even if payment for services have been made, OTP at its own discretion may dispose the items, and client agrees to indemnify Old Town Photo of any liability in such event.

  • Liability .

    OTP's responsibility and liability is limited to the return of all payments received for the service. By using OTP's services Client indemnifies OTP for any incidental, indirect, special, or consequential damages whatsoever.

Wedding Photographer Alexandria
Wedding Photographer Alexandria